Payse de France
Created in 1946, the title of "Payse de France" is awarded to a girl who is, for the ongoing year, the ambassadress of French folklore. Since 2003, every girl from "Collectif des Fédérations Nationales d'Arts et Traditions Populaires" groups is allowed to compete.
Girls present a 10-minute-slide-show, making a focus on one specific tradition of her region. In 2007, Hélène led the jury to the famous "Carnaval de Limoux".
In 2014, Amandine was elected, diving the jury into a blue-Pastel-dream. Thus, she had the assignment to represent all French popular traditions, in international festivals and various events.

Ball in Romagnat (63)

Festival in Chambly (60)

Official reception in Montréal

Festival in Montréjeau (31)

Festival in Amélie les Bains (66)